KIDS! We can’t think of a better place to invest. That’s why two moms who are passionate about kids’ health and safety got together and decided to launch into policy advocacy. We believe our voices on behalf of children bring a valuable perspective to the table when lawmakers make decisions.

Marta Johnson is an environmental entrepreneur and mom to a daughter, and Kate DeVries is a community activist and mom to two girls. Our journey together began before we ever met: Kate’s husband was part of a team caring for Marta’s daughter in the ICU during a complex medical episode. Years later we connected as concerned moms, and The Cooperative for Safe Kids was born. With Marta’s background in environmental policy activism, and Kate’s in political science and marketing, we think we make a great team to get out on the ground and fight for the things that protect our kids.

Some areas we are working on currently:
-Vaccination policy (we are pro-vaccine)
-Car seat safety education and policy
-Opioid addiction education and policy